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TDVD1 larger view TDVD1
Birds Video/ DVD No 1. This follows the same successful format developed for the Taxidermy Courses of Instruction, devised by Bob Reid of Snowdonia Taxidermy Studios, for students of taxidermy in the UK and on the contin...
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TDVD1 - DVD Birds Number 1
Price: £ 30.00

TDVD2 larger view TDVD2
Birds Video/DVD No 2 This shows the techniques required when preparing Ducks, Owls and Birds of Prey, in flight and other postures. It includes making a manikin, using traditional materials, the making of a bird tongue, ...
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TDVD2 - DVD Birds Number 2
Price: £ 30.00

TDVD3 larger view TDVD3
Small Mammals Video/DVD No 3 The principal subject is the preparation of a Grey Squirrel, by both the traditional method and the more modern technique, using a Snowdonia Taxidermy Studios Bodyprint flexible polyurethane...
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TDVD3 - DVD Small Mammals Number 3
Price: £ 30.00

TDVD4 larger view TDVD4
Medium Mammals Video/DVD No 4 The preparation of two Foxes is demonstrated in detail. The first Fox is prepared by using the traditional method, useful for mammals for which bodyprints may not be available.
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TDVD4 - DVD Medium Mammals Number 4
Price: £ 30.00

TDVD5 larger view TDVD5
Trophy Video/DVD No 5 Bob Reid demonstrates Trophy Mounting, using the successful techniques of taxidermy instruction perfected during his taxidermy courses both in the UK and on the continent.
The main subject of thi...
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TDVD5 - DVD Trophy Heads Number 5
Price: £ 30.00

TDVD6 larger view TDVD6
Fish Video/DVD No 6 Bob Reid prepares a resin and fibreglass reproduction of aleaping salmon, using moulding and casting methods. He also shows the traditional way of preparing a fish, using bass.
The problems of Fish...
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TDVD6 - DVD Fish Number 6
Price: £ 30.00

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