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Birds Video/ DVD No 1. This follows the same successful format developed for the Taxidermy Courses of Instruction, devised by Bob Reid of Snowdonia Taxidermy Studios, for...
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TDVD1 - DVD Birds Number 1
Price: £ 30.00

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Birds Video/DVD No 2 This shows the techniques required when preparing Ducks, Owls and Birds of Prey, in flight and other postures. It includes making a manikin, using tr...
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TDVD2 - DVD Birds Number 2
Price: £ 30.00

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Small Mammals Video/DVD No 3 The principal subject is the preparation of a Grey Squirrel, by both the traditional method and the more modern technique, using a Snowdonia ...
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TDVD3 - DVD Small Mammals Number 3
Price: £ 30.00

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Medium Mammals Video/DVD No 4 The preparation of two Foxes is demonstrated in detail. The first Fox is prepared by using the traditional method, useful for mammals for wh...
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TDVD4 - DVD Medium Mammals Number 4
Price: £ 30.00

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Trophy Video/DVD No 5 Bob Reid demonstrates Trophy Mounting, using the successful techniques of taxidermy instruction perfected during his taxidermy courses both in the U...
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TDVD5 - DVD Trophy Heads Number 5
Price: £ 30.00

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Fish Video/DVD No 6 Bob Reid prepares a resin and fibreglass reproduction of aleaping salmon, using moulding and casting methods. He also shows the traditional way of pre...
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TDVD6 - DVD Fish Number 6
Price: £ 30.00


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