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This website has been designed to be simple and straightforward for all users of the Internet. We update our website in line with their guidelines. In particular:

  • We have used the easy-to-read fonts and have selected dark font colours against a light background colour for easy readability
  • You can switch off graphics for this website and ALT tags are supplied to allow you to navigate the website fully
  • The website is also easily navigable without a mouse by using the TAB key to easily select the next link

Controlling the font size on this website

The text on this website has been coded to allow you as the user to adjust the size. This can help if you have a visual impairment or your monitor settings make it difficult to read the text.


You may use your own stylesheet with this website. Internet Explorer users, select Options and then Accessibility. Now click on any of the checkboxes to ignore colours, font styles or sizes. Alternatively, use your preferred style sheet by using Format document using my style sheet.

How to use access keys on this web site

We aim to make our web site accessible to as many people as possible and are implementing the UK Government access keys system. Access keys are keyboard shortcuts which allow you as a user to navigate a website without using a mouse. This can sometimes be quicker and may assist you should you have motor skill difficulties.

  • Internet Explorer 5+ users: the alt key + the access number accesses the choice. If a link, Enter will take the user to that destination
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