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RABNAT larger view RABNAT
Soft tanned rabbit skin. Clothing grade and natural rabbit skin colour although colours may vary fro...
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RABNAT - Rabbit Skins Natural Colour

Price: £ 5.95

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Borax. Borax is still one of the best dry powder preservatives on the market. Many taxidermists pref...
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CP321 -

Price: £ 9.95

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CP84 larger view CP84
Supa-Soft is a special tanning oil that has been developed over the past four years at our studios. ...
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CP84 - Supa-Soft Oil 1/2 litre

Price: £ 18.95

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CP2 larger view CP2
Preservative No 1 - Excellent for small birds, mammals, fish and reptiles requiring a dry preservati...
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CP2 -

Price: £ 12.95

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CP06 larger view CP06
Brush on system - easy to apply *Suitable for all medium to large sized mammals *No need for large a...
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CP06 - CP6 K-Tan Tanning Kit

Price: £ 29.95

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CP411 larger view CP411
Neosyn. A popular non-reusable tanning system with a white finish, suitable for tanning skins for ge...
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CP411 -

Price: £ 9.95

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CP311 larger view CP311
Aluminium Sulphate. Aluminium Sulphate is often a good starting point for the creation of pickles pr...
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CP311 -

Price: £ 9.95

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