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HT84 HT84
The HT84 has a blade length of 12 inches which is suitable for all medium to large mammal skins. This size of tool is best suited to Fox, Badger and smaller deer skins such as Roe and Muntjac. This knife is specifically designed for fleshing mammal skins. The fleshing tool is designed with a radius to conform to the radius of the fleshing beam. The blades are constructed from a high carbon tool steel. Fleshing tool handles are produced from durable polypropylene. The blade should be cleaned and oiled after each use to keep it in good condition. As the Fleshing tools are also used for the removal of hair in hair off tanning, the tools are supplied blunt. The fleshing tool can be sharpened easily by following the bevel grind produced in their manufacture. We also offer a sharpening service at additional cost. Please see additional options for this range.

HT84 - Fleshing knife
Price: £ 29.95

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