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K-Tan Brush on Tanning Starter Kit
K-Tan Brush on Tanning Starter Kit with Supa Soft Oil and a double handed fleshing tool for Deer, Sheep, Rabbit, Fox Skins

K-Tan Starter Tanning kit, includes Supa Soft softening oil for all medium to large-sized mammals, including Double Handed Fleshing Knife. Suitable for Deer, Sheep, Rabbits and Foxes.

Bundle offer on Fleshing Knife (HT84), Supa Soft Oil (CP84-05) and K-Tan Tanning Kit (CP06).

Fleshing Knife

The fleshing knife has a blade length of 12 inches which is suitable for all medium to large mammal skins. This size of tool is best suited to Fox, Badger and deer skins such as Roe and Muntjac and Red.

The HT84 is specifically designed for fleshing mammal skins. The fleshing tool is designed with a radius to conform to the radius of the fleshing beam. This blade is constructed from a high carbon tool steel. Fleshing tool handles are produced from durable polypropylene. The blade should be cleaned and oiled after each use to keep it in good condition.

As the Fleshing tools are also used for the removal of hair in hair off tanning, the tools are supplied blunt. The fleshing tool can be sharpened easily by following the bevel grind produced in their manufacture. We also offer a sharpening service at additional cost, if the tool of your choice is required to be sharpened prior to delivery. Please see additional options for this range (Code HT84)

Supa Soft Oil

Supa Soft Oil is a special tanning oil that has been developed over the past four years at our studios. Supa Soft is one of the fastest ways to achieve an incredibly soft skin. Supa Soft contains specially formulated softening agents that act on all parts of the skin, deeply lubricating all the fibres of the hide. Supa Soft works well with both rugs and skins for taxidermy - because of the full lubrication of the hide, the chance of shrinkage is dramatically reduced. If you have struggled in the past to produce a supple skin for rugs or taxidermy this could be the answer to your problems.

K-Tan Tanning Kit

Suitable for all medium to large sized mammals. No need for large amounts of chemical. Clean and Easy to use. Produces light grey leather. Produces a washable skin - ideal for rugs. Can be used in hair on or hair off tanning. It has excellent penetration. Very cost effective. A non-reversible brush-on tanning system ideal for rug making from Deer to Sheepskins. Also tans fur bearing skins i.e. Rabbit, Hare, Fox etc for clothing. Converts hide to leather, minimum of equipment required. One kit tans two large Sheepskins or equivalent area of other skins.

Keeps indefinitely in sealed containers. Use together with Supa Soft Oil (our product code CP84) for a superbly soft finish on all rugs and to reduce shrinkage on all your mounts.

CP117 - K-Tan Brush on Tanning Starter Kit
Price: £89.95

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