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001-Bladetech larger view 001-Bladetech
Re-shapes and Sharpens the Dullest Edge even the hardest stainless Steel FREE Canvas Pouch With Every Blade Tech!.
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D15 larger view D15
DMT Aligner Deluxe Kit DMT The Aligner Deluxe Kit. Includes interchangeable stone holder and knife clamp three 4 inch diamond whetstones and serrated knife sharpening accessory.
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D15 - DMT Aligner Deluxe Kit
Price: £ 54.95

D22 larger view D22
DMT Dia Sharp Off Set Mini Hone Kit. DMT Dia Sharp Off Set Mini Hone Kit.
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D22 - DMT Dia Sharp Off Set Mini Hone Kit
Price: £ 22.95

ST202 larger view ST202
Double Strop Paste. Strop Paste.
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ST202 - Double Strop Paste Blue/Red
Price: £ 9.95

D6 larger view D6
DMT Diafold magna guide kit. DMT Diafold Magna-Guide Sharpening System.
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D6 - DMT Diafold magna guide kit
Price: £ 48.95

B123 larger view B123
Japanese Water Stone. This knife sharpener consists of a water soluble matrix: wetting the stone before use exposes fresh sharpening particles during the sharpening process; creating maximum sharpening ability.
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B123 - Japanese Water Stone - 6000 grit
Price: £ 69.95

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