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BT507 BT507
Blade Tech Whetstone 2000/5000 Polishing Stone
Blade Tech Whetstone Polish and Super Polish Dual Grit Knife Sharpener

The Blade Tech Whetstone 2000 & 5000 Grit is an excellent quality stone offering two different sharpening surfaces.

The 2000 grit is best suited to polishing blades that are already in fairly good condition. The 5000 grit surface is a super fine grade and is used to apply a superb final cutting edge to the blade with excellent results.

Steel quality plays a large part in how the edge of the blade will perform when being sharpened with this grade. The better the steel quality of the knife blade, the greater the improvement will be when using the 5000 grit.

The stones are best used by submerging them in a bath of water for 5 minutes prior to sharpening.This offers the sharpening surface the best possible lubrication during sharpening.

All of the Blade Tech Whetstones are supplied with a rubberised non slip base for secure and easy sharpening. Sharpening surface 18 x 6 cm.

BT507 - Blade Tech Whetstone 2000/5000 Polishing Stone
Price: £44.95

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