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CA53 CA53
Casstrom Field Saw No.7
Casstrom Field Saw No.7 with Orange Handle

The Casstrom Field Saw are a world away from most other saws on the market today. Their teeth are designed in such a way that it allows you to saw wood and bone and its unique grip reduces fatigue. They really are the best of Swedish engineering.

These saws are such a massive improvement on anything that has gone before;

G10 Handles superbly engineered for a comfort fit. So much so, they can be held comfortably for sawing in either direction. The handles are available in two different colours; Orange and Black. The big difference with this Field Saw comes into play when the blade becomes blunt. Gone are the days of having to throw it away and buy a new one. Simply unscrew the fixings holding the handle together, and replace the blade! Replaceable blades are available for both sizes of saw.

The blades come engineered in top grade stainless steel, the teeth are designed to speed cut through fresh bone on the pull stroke, expelling cut debris on the push stroke. This makes for a much easier sawing experience.

The field Saw is also available in two different blade lengths to suit the quarry or preference.
Blade lengths are available in 7 cm or 11cm.

Each saw comes with a black Cordura style belt pouch capable of securely carrying the saw either on the belt or in the kit bag.

CA53 - Casstrom Field Saw No.7
Price: £36.95

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