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CP171 larger view


Epoxy putty with the finest modeling characteristics. Mix the two parts to a smooth workable consistency..
More details - CP171

CP171 - Taxidermy Putty
Price: £ 3.95

CP136 larger view


Supa Snow is a self adhesive artificial snow used to create stunning professional decorative effects.
More details - CP136

CP136 - Supa Snow - Self Adhesive Artificial Snow
Price: £ 19.95

ENVSP05 larger view


EasyMold Silicone Putty is ideal for a wide range of impression mold applications..
More details - ENVSP05

ENVSP05 - Easymold Silicone Putty .5lb
Price: £ 29.95

ENVSC16 larger view


Beautiful, professional results are easy. A clear glass-like finish, perfect for coating a plethora of surfaces as well as many craft and modelmaking projects, many ideas...
More details - ENVSC16

ENVSC16 - Crystal Sheen - Clear Polymer Finish
Price: £ 39.95

ENVJR04 larger view


Beautiful, professional results are easy. Envirotex Jewelry Resin has been formulated for improved UV resistance to reduce yellowing.
More details - ENVJR04

ENVJR04 - Envirotex Jewelry Resin 118ml/4oz - Crystal Clear High Gloss Finish
Price: £ 21.95

AV504 larger view


Aves Apoxie Sculpt - Modelling Compound 4lb Kit in 3 Colours.
More details - AV504

AV504 - Aves Apoxie Sculpt - 4lb Kit in Natural
Price: £ 61.95

AVSS04 larger view


Aves Safety Solvent 4oz.
More details - AVSS04

AVSS04 - Aves Safety Solvent
Price: £ 15.95

ST61 larger view


Made from fine surgical grade Stainless Steel for strength and precision work.
More details - ST61

ST61 - Fine curved forceps 6 inch / 155mm
Price: £ 8.95

ST50-C larger view


Professional Surgical Forceps tool roll has been assembled to include many of the surgical forceps required for an array of surgical and dissecting procedures..
More details - ST50-C

ST50-C - Surgical Forceps Tool Kit and Roll
Price: £ 29.95

ST50-B larger view


The ST50 Professional Surgical tool roll has been assembled to include many of the surgical implements required for an array of surgical procedures..
More details - ST50-B

ST50-B - Surgical Tool Kit and Roll
Price: £ 29.95




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