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CP2 larger view CP2
Preservative No 1 - Excellent for small birds, mammals, fish and reptiles requiring a dry preservative. Applied by brush.
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CP2 -
Price: £ 12.95

CP3 larger view CP3
Preservative No 2 - A stronger preservative used for Pheasant, Duck, Swan, Grey Squirrel, Stoat Etc. Apply with a brush to the flesh side of washed skins.
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CP3 -
Price: £ 12.95

CP18 larger view CP18
Tow. A fine grade clean natural fibre, used in winding small mammals, bird forms and thin sections of manikin legs , tails etc.
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CP18 -
Price: £ 5.20

CP50 larger view CP50
This De-Hairing product has a mild effect on the hide, and works by Enzyme activity with minimal problems to the user. Unsalted fresh skins are placed in a tub or vat of warm water with a small amount of De-Hairing Agen...
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CP50 - De-Hairing Agent 250g
Price: £ 9.95

M5 larger view M5
Moths and other insects can be the most destructive visitors you can have in your workshop or storage areas.Once in your collection, insects or larvae will munch their way through fur, feather and hide with a view to bec...
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M5 - Moth & Insect Repellant 100g
Price: £ 9.95

M6 larger view M6
Constrain is a new generation of water based insecticide spray with a neutral pH, for the control and eradication of a wide range of insect pests ( wood borers,clothes moths, carpet beetles, biscuit beetles, silverfish a...
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M6 - Constrain 500ml
Price: £ 17.65

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