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CP2 larger view CP2
Preservative No 1 - Excellent for small birds, mammals, fish and reptiles requiring a dry preservative. Applied by brush.
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CP2 -
Price: £ 12.95

CP3 larger view CP3
Preservative No 2 - A stronger preservative used for Pheasant, Duck, Swan, Grey Squirrel, Stoat Etc. Apply with a brush to the flesh side of washed skins.
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CP3 -
Price: £ 12.95

CP18 larger view CP18
Tow. A fine grade clean natural fibre, used in winding small mammals, bird forms and thin sections of manikin legs , tails etc.
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CP18 -
Price: £ 5.95

CP50 larger view CP50
This De-Hairing product has a mild effect on the hide, and works by Enzyme activity with minimal problems to the user. Unsalted fresh skins are placed in a tub or vat of warm water with a small amount of De-Hairing Agen...
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CP50 - De-Hairing Agent 250g
Price: £ 9.95

M6 larger view M6
Constrain is a new generation of water based insecticide spray with a neutral pH, for the control and eradication of a wide range of insect pests wood borers,clothes moths, carpet beetles, biscuit beetles, silverfish an...
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M6 - Constrain 500ml
Price: £ 19.95

CP26 larger view CP26
Degreasant Washing Agent. This concentrated de-greaser is solvent free.
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CP26 - Degreasant Washing Agent 250ml
Price: £ 9.95

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