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KB-04 larger view KB-04
Hair Sheen gives hair and fur a clean shine and can be applied directly to the hair or mixed with saw dust in the fur drum. Hair sheen will also remove grease and grime from hair, giving it a clean smell. Works well on horns and antlers. Only 2 left!
Hair Sheen

Price: £ 17.65

KB-05 larger view KB-05
Finishing deoderiser removes unpleasant odours from mounts, rugs and skins. It also cleans and degreases. This deoderiser can be used at full strength and as it does not contain water will evaporate quickly. Finishing Deoderiser - 32 fl. Oz. Only 1 left.
Finishing Deoderiser.

Price: £ 26.45

KB-06 larger view KB-06
Kemal 4 is a relaxer, skin prep, detergent type greaser and cleaner all in one. Concentrated and safe to use, this product can be used in all soak solutions. Kemal 4 prepares the skin to accept tanning, and relaxed the skin for easuer shaving. Kemal 4 will not cause hair slippage like ordinary soaps because of its low pH, and is about 10 times stronger than most dish detergents. Kemal 4 - 32 fl. Oz. Only 2 left!
Kemal 4.

Price: £ 19.95

KB-08 larger view KB-08
A water soluble compound for the protection of hair, fur and leathers from moth and other insect damage. Also cleans and conditions the hair. This product is used as the last rinse of the tanning process and in the rehydration bath prior to mounting. Only 2 left!
Protex Pre-Soak.

Price: £ 39.95

KB-09 larger view KB-09
Washing oil prepares the skin for tanning, degreases and oils at the same time. It relaxes, cleans, washes oil and salt residue and helps makes softer leather. Washing Oil can be used in a fur drum. Washing Oil - 32 fl. Oz. Only 2 left!
Washing Oil.

Price: £ 20.55

CP105 larger view CP105
Odour Out is used to neutralise any odour like Polecat, Fox, Urine and any other odours that need to be removed. A great product for rubbish bins, and any other area of the workshop. Available in non-fragrance or wild flower fragrance, please specify. Odour Out - Non Fragranced - 32 fl. Oz. Only 1 left!
Odour Out

Price: £ 25.95

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